Meet our team

Our team has strong experience in understanding human servicemarket needs and designing complete solutions to fit in the industry. In developing process our main criteria are simplicity, compatibility and extensibility.


ERFID © Communication Server © RFID -middleware, which provides IT-systems interaction with the customer's RFID infrastructure equipment. ERFID Communication Server allows you to create an ecosystem of hardware based on the principle of "plug and play" with a uniform abstraction of the final device, and management.

What is "Invido Group" company?

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Invido Group is top management company, which activity lies in various fields of human service sector.

Invido Group includes "ERFID" company, which has 8 years of experience in the filed of RFID-based systems and at the moment is CIS leader in RFID solutions for business. "ERFID" company isparticipant of large amount of European and international RFID associations;at the same time company is official partner of such industrial giants as Motorola, Impinj, NORDICID and etc.

By the end of year 2013 "ERFID" has successfully completed and brought to business environment significant amount of different projects in such areas as warehouse logistics, jewelry industry, exhibitions and conferences, clothing and footwear, archives, libraries and etc.

Biggest advantage of "ERFID" as part of Invido Group is that it has unique software and middleware, which allows us to complete major complex tasks in short period of time. Our software is flexible, compatible with any common platform and our middleware allows us to use different hardware (scanners, antennas and etc.).

Our clients

Right now our main partner is IATA. In year 2013 they started "In-Bag" programm, to solve the baggage misshandling problems. By chance, some of our existing solutions met perfectly their needs.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to provide innovative RFID solution forairports, airlines and ground handlers, which will be dedicated to improve logistics by optimizing baggageoperations, reducing number of mishandled bags or other assets, as well as improving passenger service by bringing new baggage tracking options.


Telephone: +375 44 780 80 00

Legal address: P.O.Box 3321 Drake Chambers, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Address for correspondence: Bulevar Mihaila Pupina 10 G/ VP 5, 11070 New Belgrade, Republic of Serbia